We're on Discord, all communications happen there and only essential updates will be sent via email, kindly join our Discord if you haven't already. We have a small but strict set of rules on our server. Please read over them and take them on board. If you don't understand anything or need some clarification, checkout our FAQ on our website or feel free to shoot us a mail at hey@autumnhacks.online

1. - Follow the Discord Community Guidelines and Terms Of Service.

2. - Follow the Autumn Hacks Code of Conduct.

3. - Listen to and respect Organizing members and their instructions.

4. - This is an English-speaking server, so please speak English to the best of your ability.

5. - Do not provide or request help on projects that may break laws, breach terms of services, be considered malicious/inappropriate or be for graded coursework/exams.

6. - No spamming or unapproved advertising, including requests for paid work.

7. - Keep discussions relevant to channel topics and guidelines.

Nickname Policy (for Discord):
In order to keep things pleasant and workable for both users and staff members, we enforce the following requirements regarding your nickname. Organizers reserves the right to change the nickname of any user for any reason. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in you losing the right to change your nickname. We also reserve the right to discipline users with offensive usernames, regardless of the nickname they're using.

1. - No blank or "invisible" names.
2. - No slurs or other offensive sentiments.

The best way to set a nickname for Autumn Hacks is [Your Name] from [Your Team Name]
E.g.: Vishal from Parallel Universe.
You may leave the [Your Team Name] empty if you don't have a team yet or are participating individually